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Εκτροφείς Μπουλ Τεριέ - Λαμπρινή και Κώστας - Καλαμάτα

Our names are Labrini and Kostas, own­ers of Immor­tal Spir­its Bull Ter­rier family-​Kennel since 2009. We live in the Greek city of Kala­mata, which is 2 hours from Athens. It is the ideal city for peo­ple and dogs, because of the cli­mate, the nature and the beau­ti­ful land­scape.

Our love for the breed has deep roots. From the first moment we came in con­tact with these adorable crea­tures, we were so impressed by their funny expres­sions, their spe­cial appearance and tem­pera­ment. Long time before we had our first bull ter­rier, we wanted to know everything about this breed. Their char­ac­ter, their habits, their mor­phol­ogy and their needs.

Κώστας - εκτροφέας μπουλ τεριέ
Κώστας - εκτροφέας μπουλ τεριέ
Κώστας - εκτροφέας μπουλ τεριέ

It was indeed one of the most impor­tant and mov­ing moments of our lives, when we finally acquired our first bull terrier, CH.GR.,GRANDCH.GR.,MED.W’12 BENI, bet­ter known as “Fivos”. Our wor­ship for ani­mals in gen­eral, and more specif­i­cally for dogs, started when we were both young. There was always a dog in our house.

After Fivos came into our lives, we began tak­ing part in dog shows. Our love for the breed expanded, and we began a quest to learn all about becom­ing breeders. We started com­mu­ni­cat­ing with rep­utable ken­nels in order to acquire our first bitch. At this point, we would like to thank Cathie Dettmar and her top ken­nel, The Joker, for the invalu­able help, the advice and for trust­ing us our pre­cious female Kismet The Joker, bet­ter known as «Lava». Cathie will always be a member of our family.

We would like to give some advices to any­one who has a dream to get a bull ter­rier. Learn as much as you can about bull ter­ri­ers and their needs before you get a puppy and always ask first the breeder for health tests of par­ents. Never believe that you know every­thing about the breed and breeding…….learn­ing never stops. Let the breeder help you choose the right puppy for you accord­ing to your needs and abilities.

We only give our pup­pies to peo­ple who will have them as fam­ily mem­bers in order to have a healthy and happy life with them. Own­ers must know that the breeder should be there for any advice and help. We also believe that a long term rela­tion­ship starts with the own­ers at the moment they get our puppies.

Our breed­ing pro­gram is based on the health and tempera­ment of the breed, and pre­serv­ing type as accord­ing to the F.C.I.

For us both Bull Ter­rier is a way of life and we think that if you feel the same read­ing these lines feel free to con­tact us. At the end, we wish the tour to our site would be help­ful and we will be more than glad to have you at our «bull ter­rier family».


Lamprini - Bull Terrier Breeder
Λαμπρινή - εκτροφέας μπουλ τεριέ

Thank you for vis­it­ing us.….

Labrini — Kostas

and all the Immor­tal Spir­its family.

Lamprini and Kostas - (Immortal Spirits) Bull Terrier Breeders